Midwest Historical Research Society Past News and Reminders

November 2015 Meeting Summary:

October 2015 raffle table

Dale Snyder gave the monthly recycling committee report to the large group of attendees. The raffle table was crazy-busy with membership dues payments, ticket sales for the meeting raffle, raffle ticket sales for the the big silver ingot that will be raffled off at the Christmas Party, and Christmas party payments. Many thanks to the hard work Pam, Danielle, and Steve put in back there!

Thank you to Genevieve Ryan, Pam Hungerford, Dale Snyder, Tim Lopez, John McManus, and Mark Becker for the table full of goodies to enjoy on our break!

We learned about our new meeting location that the officers and board have selected. Beginning in January, our regular meetings will be held at the Norwood Park Community Center, 5801 N. Natoma Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60631. Because of the work put into finding this location, our regular membership meetings can be held earlier in the day. That time will be determined by the new administration. Hopefully this change will allow more members to attend.

Elections were held and we congratulate Jan Kilanski on his election as our next President. Whether at the Christmas party or another time, I hope everyone will take a minute to personally thank our officers, directors, and committee members for all their hard work keeping MHRS running strong for another year. There are several committees open for the coming year that need to be filled. Please consider stepping up and helping with the newsletter, as Huntmaster, the picnic, and Historian.

There was another Web site contest this month. This time it ran for ten days on the "More finds" page. There were only two entries, so only two of the three silver dime prizes were claimed. The 1928 Merc went to Pam Hungerford and Terry Spann picked up a 1940's Merc. We flipped a coin and Pam won the grand prize silver quarter. Congratulations! Check the site once in a while. I get bored in the winter and might just throw another contest or two up there.

Get your member surveys in!
Get your reservations for the Christmas party in!
Get your payment in for next year's dues!


We want to hear from you graphic

Member survey forms have been included with the October newsletter. If you get the newsletter via email, it is a separate, attached pdf file. Take time to fill it out and get it back to our Officers. This is your opportunity to help shape the future of your club! Let your voice be heard!

October 2015 Meeting Summary:

October 2015 raffle table

The raffle table was a busy place as we drove Pam crazy with membership dues payments and ticket sales for the meeting raffle. Steve Crundwell was set up and selling raffle tickets for the big silver ingot that will be raffled off at the Christmas Party, and Leona was there taking money and reservation forms for the Christmas party. (Doris says "Hi!")

Thank you to Genevieve Ryan, Pam Hungerford, Gene Snyder, Tim Lopez, Al Mayer, and Neil Loewe for the table full of goodies to enjoy on our break!

The meeting was well-attended and we had several guests joining us. To them we say we hope you liked what you saw, and look forward to seeing you as members at future meetings. We also heard from the candidates running in the upcoming club election. President Jeff Hungerford brought samples of graded and slabbed coins and discussed various grading organizations and the differences between them. He also reiterated the importance of not cleaning any rare coins you find, using one example of a very rare Morgan dollar with minor rub marks on it from brushing up against other coins in a bag. The scratches that were very hard to see dropped the value of the coin from $25,000 to $5,000.

There are so many great finds on the FOM table, yet only one can be the winner in each category and be photographed for the FOM page. Check back here in the future for a new feature called Webmaster's choice and see some of the great finds that didn't come in first place. Until then,

Get your member surveys in!
Get your reservations for the Christmas party in!
Get your payment in for next year's dues!

September 2015 Meeting Summary:

July 2015 meeting treats

WE ATE!!! Thank you to Genevieve Ryan, Pam Hungerford, Gene Snyder, and Mark Becker, we had a table full of treats to enjoy at the break! If you stayed home to watch the Bears, you clearly made the wrong choice.

Member Ron Shore of Windy City Detector Sales brought so many giveaways to the meeting, a special table was set up to display them where members could pick something nice up for a small donation to the club. Ron is closing his storefront and having a clearance sale. See him if you're in the market for detecting equipment. NOW is the time to buy. If you're not quite ready, he is still going to operate his on line store from home, just like before. Rest assured, just the retail store is closing. Windy City Detector Sales and Ron aren't going anywhere. YAY!

We had one problem at the FOM table. A couple first place winning entries were pulled by their owners before they could be photographed. If you have a first place find on the FOM table, please wait until Mark Becker or his fill-in finishes taking its picture before you take it back! The world needs to see your great finds!

Fall Beach Hunt group shot

The Fall 2015 Beach Hunt was a success! Thank you to everyone who donated prizes, helped put the hunt together, and assisted with setup and takedown. Because of you, we had yet another successful hunt. The weather was great and a good time was had by all. Check out our "Pictures" link on the main menu to view more shots. Special thanks to Terry Spann for acting as official event photographer during the hunt!

We have winners in the latest Web site contest!

The first two members who see this and email the Webmaster with the word "Pinpointer" in the subject line will win a free Mercury dime.

George Guzik and Terry Spann were the first to read the fine print in the line above and respond. They will each receive a shiny old Mercury dime for their efforts! Thanks for playing, guys!

Fall beach hunt announcement.

August 2015 Meeting Summary:

Member Ron Shore of Windy City Detector Sales brought several brand new detector models to the meeting for members to inspect. We had the early chance to see the Minelab Go-Find 20, Go-Find 30, Go-Find 40 and the White's TreasureMaster and TreasureMaster Pro. Thanks, Ron! This is just one of the benefits of belonging to MHRS.

Thanks to Tim and Gail Lopez for the delicious chicken wings (two types!), and to Pam Hungerford for her delicious homemade "Bran-ana nut bread! Without your efforts we wouldn't have had snacks at the break. There was some good discussion regarding the upcoming elections and the filling of vlounteer positions that I'm sure Jeff will cover in the newsletter.

The "Guess the Member" contest is over. Here is the full picture of the members. Thanks to all who entered! No one guessed all correctly, but the entrant with the most correct guesses was Pam Hungerford, and she wasn't even at the meeting when the pictures were taken. She received a shiny old 1930's Mercury dime for her efforts. A note to our esteemed Vice President: If you really think the guy on the left in the last picture is your wife, you might be spending a little too much time with him detecting!

Guess the members contest picture

It's time for a little fun! Guess the Members. These were taken at our July membership meeting. Send me an email with your guess as to what the name of each blanked out person is, 1 through 6. You can send it to me at the Webmaster address on the "About" page or to my email address listed in the membership roster. The first two entries recieved with all names correct win a silver dime. Everyone who enters with all six names correct will have their names put in for a drawing for a silver quarter at the next meeting. You don't need to be present to win. The deadline for entries is midnight, August 22, 2015. Good luck! - Neil

Treasure Hunter of the Year, Tom Halek. Member of the year, Ron Shore.

In case you missed this from our "About" page, our 2014 Treasure Hunter of the Year is Mr. Tom Halek. Our 2014 Member of the Year is Mr. Ron Shore of windycitydetectors.com. Congratulations to these well deserved recipients of our annual awards.

Thank you for your contributions to the club's success!

VA sampling of photos from the 2015 family picnic.

The 2015 Family Picnic photos are now on our "Pictures" page.

VP John Ramoska getting your attention again.

ATTENTION! We have a winner! According to our Webmaster, Terry Spann was the first member to contact the him with a comment on the Web site and the first to contribute great photos of our 2015 family picnic. He wins a seated dime and a real nice 1901 V-nickel! Congrats, Terry!

Attention Members: Is anyone awake out there?

Send your favorite photo(s) from the picnic to share here!

Use the email address at the bottom of the "About" page or my email address listed on the membership roster. Either will work. - Neil

The July Meeting program will feature representatives from Costa's Coins speaking about coin collecting and valuing your finds. Members may bring coins as well as paper currency for help in determining their value.

Want to know what that old coin you found is worth? How about that paper money? Here's your opportunity to find out!

Found silver ring display owned by one of our members.

A nice display of beautiful silver rings found over time while detecting was brought in by one of our members. Of particular interest is the first ring in the fourth row from the top. It's a compartment ring or "poison ring", built with a tiny compartment under its face.

President Jeff Hungerford helping members scan various targets with their detectors.

The June meeting topic was "Target Identification". Here, President Jeff Hungerford helps member Robert Quig air scan various coin targets to hear the different responses they give as Javier Castrejon looks on. Members were encouraged to bring their detectors to the meeting to get the opportunity to scan rare targets they might not come across very often.

President Jeff Hungerford presenting a representitave from the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance with a check in the amount of $1200 for Camp I Am Me. The Pastor explaining how the money club members donated will be used to help kids in need attend Bible Camp.

LEFT: President Jeff Hungerford presenting Phil Zaleski, Executive Director of the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance with a check in the amount of $1200 for Camp I Am Me. Right: Pastor Will explaining how the money club members donated will be used to help kids in need attend Bible Camp. These are the pennies you've donated and the money from your pockets being put to work for good causes. Your generousity is much appreciated!

Guests are welcome at any membership meeting. Stop by and check us out!